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Here’s why you need Drift Live Chat

Convert More Website Visitors Into Leads With Live Chat

When you create a better buying experience – like offering a live conversation instead of a form – you’ll actually see higher engagement from your buyers. Live chat messages get up to 15x more engagement than email.

  • Use Targeting to offer live chat only to the website visitors you want talking to your sales team.
  • Use Routing to make sure the right rep is routed into each conversation.
  • You can automatically convert website visitors into leads or book meetings by building a Drift Playbook.

Available on all Drift Chat plans


Chat In Real-Time With Your ABM Accounts

Give your VIP site visitors a fastlane to your sales team. You already know they are qualified and your sales team wants to talk to them. So with Drift, you can target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right sales rep, and even let them instantly schedule a meeting.

  • Notifications alert your reps when one of their ABM accounts is on your website.
  • Use Marketo, Pardot, 6sense, Clearbit or Demandbase lists to sync your ABM accounts into Drift.
  • Chatbots will automatically book meetings with your VIPs if you’re not around to chat.

Available on Drift’s Premium and Enterprise plans


Connect With Buyers When They Are Ready To Chat

Today the buyer has all the power. So when they’re ready to engage with your business, you have to be ready too. Live chat gives your buyers a direct line to your sales team.

  • Chatbots have your back – if you’re not around or not online they’ll jump into a conversation for you.
  • Reporting will help you coach your team on their response time to conversations.
  • Use Drift Intel or LinkedIn Sales Navigator to identify buyers that are chatting in.

Available on Drift’s Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans


Shorten Your Sales Cycle With Real-Time Conversations

Conversations happen throughout the buying process. When your buyers have questions and want fast answers they use live chat. You can shorten your sales cycle by offering live chat.

  • Build Drift Playbooks to target open opportunities when they return to your website and route them to their account executive.
  • Use Chat to Call to instantly start a phone call with your prospect and qualify them on the spot.
  • When you set up Drift Meetings you’ll ensure every qualified buyer has the option to book a meeting and never leave your site without a next step.

Available on Drift’s Premium and Enterprise plans


How it works

Convert more website visitors

Offer chat to your website visitors
Qualify in real-time
Lead gets passed into marketing automation platform

Chat with ABM accounts in real-time

Sync your ABM account list to Drift
Drift notifies your AEs when one of their accounts is on your site
Reps can jump into conversations with the ABM account while they’re live

Connect with buyers when they are ready to chat

Have a Drift Chatbot welcome all visitors
Bot identifies what the buyer wants
Routes in a sales person if they want to talk to sales

Shorten your sales cycle

Target open opportunities with personalized messages
That buyer chats in with a question
The opp owner gets routed into the conversation

Start engaging with your website visitors now.

Stop making your buyers wait to talk to you. Give them a direct line to your sales team instead.

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With Drift Live Chat …


Create multiple Drift inboxes to manage different types of conversations

Inboxes are flexible. Create an inbox to manage a new region, separate sales teams or different types of conversations (like support or sales).


Save time answering common questions using Saved Replies

When the same question keeps coming up, save the reply so your team can share the answer in one-click.

Get feedback from your buyers using Conversational Ratings

After a conversation is over, you can automatically ask for a rating with Conversational Ratings.


Use Internal Notes to communicate with teammates right from within the conversation

Internal notes are not seen by the visitor, only teammates, so your team can communicate quickly right from within Drift.


See who is on your site at any given moment with Live View

Even before a visitor has chatted in, with Live View your team can see who is on your site and start a conversation with them.


Unlock the power of every conversation using Conversational Analysis

Using Conversational Analysis you’ll gather insights so you can coach your sales team and improve your Playbooks.

We increased chat leads 625% with Drift. It's an amazing opportunity for us to reach out and start a conversation with people who might not have been ready to click schedule a demo or start a trial.””
Emily Lonetto
Growth Marketer

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Drift Live Chat is already part of all Drift Chat plans.

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Conversation Analysis

Conversation Analysis helps you search and analyze all of your customer conversations to discover hidden insights that would otherwise be locked away. Conversation Analysis is part of our Pro, Premium and Enterprise plans.

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