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Why Email Bots?

Start Conversations With 100% Of Your Leads

Never let another lead slip through the cracks. Drift’s Email Bots ensures you have a conversation with 100% of the people who reply to your marketing and sales emails, and that all of your best MQLs get touched. It’s like having an AI email assistant that offers the same 1:1 conversation your sales team does, but with an Email Bot doing the work. Instead of someone on your team manually reviewing all the email replies to determine who should get a response, Email Bots will review replies for you.

  • Sync your contact lists from your marketing automation platform to Drift Email
  • Use Drift’s proven conversational email templates to help you start email conversations right away
  • Add reply CTAs to your emails
  • Email Bots use Drift’s powerful AI technology to interpret human replies and respond for you
Drift Email Bots

Create A Fast Lane To Your Sales Team For Your Best Leads

When your Email Bot discovers someone is qualified and ready to talk to sales, they’ll introduce them in the same email thread. Save your sales team time qualifying so they can work on what matters: closing deals.

  • Email Bots use AI and machine learning to read replies and categorize them
  • Email Bots can add those contacts to specific lists or update contact fields in your marketing automation platform
  • Email Bots can look up the lead owner in your CRM and CC them in a reply
Drift Email Bots AI email assistant

Your AI-Powered Email Assistants


Follow-Up Bot

Automate follow-up emails and warm hand-offs to sales when the time is right. Follow-Up Bot has you covered.

Offer Bot

Make engaging with your emails as easy as replying to them. Offer Bot can help you do that.


Re-Engage Bot

Closed lost opps were at one point hot leads. Restart the conversation with them using Re-Engage Bot.

Email Bots integrate with all your favorite tools

Email Bots have helped us automate engagement with our leads. We have sent approximately 4,200 emails and seen a conversion rate of roughly 5%; we’ve surfaced 16 high-value leads, and booked 9 meetings. Email Bots save my sales team time and still helps them find opportunities.”
Jessi White
Manager of Marketing Ops, NAXEX Global

Email Bot Is An Add-On Feature of Drift Email

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How does AI power Email Bots?

Email Bots leverage Drift AI to interpret email responses and understand what they mean. This type of machine learning is called natural language processing. Whereas some marketing automation platforms can identify a certain keyword and then take an action, Email Bots take into consideration the entire email’s language, so they’re able to categorize the intent and respond accordingly.

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Email Bots are ai email assistants