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Here’s why you need Drift ABM

Create A Fastlane To 
Sales For Your VIP Buyers

Your VIP buyers don’t want to fill out forms, and they really shouldn’t have to. You already know they are qualified! Your sales team wants to talk to them ASAP, so why are you making them wait? Accelerate the conversation with Drift ABM which helps you target those VIPs for conversation and route in the correct person on your sales team.

  • Use Drift Intel or a contact list from your Marketing Automation to target your ABM or ICP accounts
  • Use Routing to make sure the rep that owns the account gets routed into the conversation
  • You can automatically welcome and even book meetings with target accounts using Chatbots

Give Your VIPs The White-Glove Treatment

Give your VIP site visitors a fastlane to your sales team. You already know they are qualified and your sales team wants to talk to them. So with Drift, you can target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right sales rep, and even let them instantly schedule 
a meeting.

  • Build custom experiences with Drift Playbooks based on where they are in your funnel
  • Personalize messages with their company’s name, size and other relevant information
  • Connect each account to the correct sales rep on their team automatically

Guarantee Your Sales Team Isn’t Missing Opportunities

You’re spending a lot of time and money to drive your target accounts to your website. And you know they’re showing up, but your sales team can’t sit on chat and wait until they arrive. Use Drift ABM to automatically welcome and book meetings with your target accounts.

  • Notifications alert your reps when one of their ABM accounts is on your website.
  • Use Conversation Analysis to see how your sales team is interacting with your target accounts
  • With Drift Meetings you can automatically greet and book meetings with your ABM accounts 24/7

How it works

Create a fastlane to sales for your VIP buyers

Use an ABM playbook to welcome target accounts
Buyer starts a conversation with the account owner
Account owner is notified and routed into conversation

Give your VIPs the white-glove treatment

Sync lists from your marketing automation platform
Create a Playbook to target that list
Account gets highly targeted message and CTA

Guarantee your sales team isn’t missing opportunities

Sync ABM accounts into Drift
Make sure all accounts are assigned to an SDR
All SDRs are notified when one of those accounts visits the website

Start conversations with the right buyers at the right time.

Give your dream accounts a direct line to your sales team when they arrive on your website.

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With Drift ABM…


Conversation Analysis can help you report on your ABM campaigns

With Conversation Analysis you can see which accounts are having conversations and how your sales team is responding


Drift provides a history of accounts that recently visited your website

You’ll get a report of which accounts have been on your site in the last 7 days so you can see how your ABM campaigns are working


Drift Intel will help you identify anonymous site traffic

Even on their first visit to your site, with Drift Intel you’ll be able to instantly recognize high-value target accounts and give them the VIP treatment


Use your existing contact lists to target for conversation

Sync your lists from Marketo or Pardot into Drift so that you can target known traffic with a personalized experience


Get notified the second someone visits your website

Your sales reps will get real-time browser notifications when one of their accounts visits your website


Drift Chatbots have your back if your team isn’t there to chat

Drift Chatbots can automatically jump in and book a meeting for you if your sales rep isn’t around to chat so you never miss an opportunity with a dream customer

Within the first thirty minutes of connecting our target accounts to Drift, we had started conversations with key contacts at two of our target accounts. In a matter of moments, our reps had the opportunity to go from one-way email outbound to two-way conversation.”
Alexander Araujo
Sales Development, Algolia

Drift ABM is built into Drift Chat.

Drift ABM is built into our most popular Drift Chat plans: Premium and Enterprise.

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What is Drift Intel?

Drift Intel is a capability of Drift Chat that will instantly recognize your high-value target accounts when they visit your website using reverse IP lookup. It’s powered by data providers such as 6sense, Clearbit, Demandbase, and more.

Drift Intel is included in the Drift Premium and Enterprise plans.

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