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Here’s why you need Drift Meetings

Automatically qualify and schedule meetings with site visitors 24/7

Not everyone has the time to monitor live chat. But that’s okay, because Drift Meetings has your back. They can book meetings with your most qualified leads when you’re not around.

  • Use Drift Playbooks™ to build a chatbot that asks qualification questions and marks the best leads as CQLs.
  • Use Routing to make sure the right leads get booked with 
the right sales rep.
  • Drift integrates with Google or Office 365 calendars.

Never miss a VIP buyer when they visit your website again

Give your VIP site visitors the meeting fastlane. You already know they are qualified and your sales team wants to talk to them. With Drift, you can target your best visitors and ABM accounts, welcome them with a personalized message from the right sales rep, and let them instantly schedule a meeting.

  • Use Marketo, Pardot, Clearbit or Demandbase lists to target VIPs when they visit your website.
  • Drift Chatbots will automatically book meetings with your VIPs if you’re not around to chat.

Don’t make buyers wait – schedule meetings instantly

With Drift Meetings, SDRs can instantly book meetings for AEs after qualifying leads in live chat. That means your buyers never have to wait to schedule a meeting.

  • Use Group Meetings to schedule with more than two people.
  • Purchase Calendar Seats so your AEs calendars can be used in Drift but without them needing to chat.

How it works

Automatically qualify and book meetings

Create a Drift 
Playbook to qualify and schedule meetings
Round robin between a group of sales reps
Connect sales reps calendars so the scheduled meeting goes right on their calendar

Never miss your VIP buyers

Sync Marketo list 
into Drift
Build a Drift 
Playbook that targets those contacts
Drift meetings
Book meetings with those VIPs when they come to your site

Schedule meetings instantly

SDR qualifies buyer in a real-time conversation
SDR drops group calendar availability for buyer
Buyer can schedule a meeting with the group (like with the SDR and AE)

Start scheduling meetings for your sales team now.

Stop missing out on buyers that are on your website and ready to book the meeting NOW. Get a demo of Drift Meetings today.

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With Drift Meetings…


Book meetings right from your Drift profile

Give your buyers a fastlane to book a meeting right off their sales rep’s Drift Profile page.


Integrates with Google Calendar and Outlook 365

Once your reps have their calendars connected, Drift Meetings can read their availability so they never get double booked.

Automatically reminds your meeting participants about your meeting

Drift makes sure your buyers never miss a meeting with reminder emails.


Get a clear picture of your team’s meeting activities with reporting

Analyze how your team is performing with meeting reporting in Drift.


Drift routing makes sure that each buyer gets routed to the right rep

Ensure every lead gets a meeting booked with the right sales rep on your team.


Organizing a meeting with multiple participants made easy

Add multiple participants when scheduling a meeting so anyone on your team that needs to be there is invited.

Here's what customers ❤️ about Drift Meetings

During our first 45 days using Drift, 30% of our leads that converted into meetings and demos originated from Drift.””
David Dulany
Founder & CEO, Tenbound

Drift Meetings is built into Drift Chat

Drift Meetings is built into our most popular Drift Chat plans:
Pro, Premium and Enterprise.

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Want to book meetings for your AEs? Get them calendar seats.

Not every rep on your team needs to chat in Drift. That’s why Drift has Calendar Seats. So your reps can have their calendars connected to Drift and meetings can be booked for them. This is only available as a paid add-on to any Pro, Premium and Enterprise plan for $20/month. Learn more about pricing here.

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with their buyers.

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